Hello and welcome to mywebsite. My name is Agnes George and I am an International Speaker, Author and Health Coach passionate about working with people to prevent diabetes.

For me, helping people prevent diabetes represents one element of my own lifestyle and is something I wake up to do each day. Gone are the days of eating processed foods and not getting much exercise. I've now replaced my unhealthy lifestyle by making sure I get regular exercise each day and eat food that provides my body with health and vitality.

The loss of my husband due to preventable diabetes was the catalyst for my lifestyle change. I know more than most, that losing someone you love to a preventable disease is extremely painful.  It's something you never truly get over, especially now knowing that small changes to his diet and lifestyle could have saved his life.

My personal mission now is to help others prevent and reverse early signs of diabetes. Whether your journey starts with an intense desire to lose weight, change lifestyle due to health diagnosis, or to prevent illness in the future; creating sustainable change requires focused determination and considerable effort.

Setbacks are inevitable, disappointments likely, and the pain of hard graft without immediate gratification can be hugely demoralising. Working with a coach can make the difference between moving forward and giving up; helping you to develop a clear and compelling vision of the future health you want to have, at the same time, offering a carefully balanced blend of support and challenge.

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