About Agnes George


After being a teacher for 5 years. I am now convinced that I was born to give myself in helping people, but that realisation was not always evident to me. However, looking back at my life's journey thus far, as a teacher and Type 2  Diabetes Specialist which brought me close to people providing them with life skills and, then again further educating diabetics and helping them to live a more productive and healthier lives; after experiencing loss of someone very dear to me,and the loss of friends from the disease; I am now more convinced that my purpose here is to help my fellow human being.

Driven by this desire to help, I have Commissioned and managed a Neonatal Unit and I have been a manager for midwives. In an Intensive display of my subconscious desire to help. I have become a Specialist in caring for sick newborn babies from mothers with Type 2 Diabetes.

After serving as a nurse for an excess of 3 decades, as a natural progression, I felt compelled to continue my service to my fellow human being, and now I believe that I am better able to help by my 30 years's experience of helping fellow human beings to a more public forum -- to help educate and add value to lives.

Agnes's Certificate and Diploma in management, coupled with my Masters Degree in Midwifery doubtlessly has helped to facilitate this progress. But not only have I only be talking about it, I have founded the Living a Healthy Lifestyle Body which provides Coaching for busy Professionals and persons who wish to maintain their health and practice healthy lifestyles. Additionally; I sit on a board, as secretary of the League of Friends Grenada which helps schools and the aged in that Caribbean Island. 

So surely you will agree with me that a road map of my life's journey reveals my unbridled Commitment and effort to assist human kind.